Smartphone Wisdom

A silly art project


What are the capabilites of state-of-the-art artificial intelligence (AI)? AI-powered word recognition and suggestions are virtually on  any smartphone today. What happens if you let it compose complete sentences for you? Will the output be non-sense? Or will emerge a philosophical discourse from it?

Smartphone Wisdom is an experiment of creating text just by using one of the three auto-suggested words on the keyboard of my smartphone. The database for the AI auto-completion gets additional input from my email account and it has access to my note-taking app, catching up all my intimate records. The AI also learns from the input I make on my keyboard, including all my Google search quiries and communication. Therefore, it has full access to the mindless pornographic lowlands of my soul.

And what came out of it? Total bullshit! Hollow phrases in which you can interpret everything into. Actually, it‘s the same shit your aunts/uncles and old school mates post every day on Facebook: pseudo-Buddhist wisdom which makes you feel even sillier than before.

I put all phrases into a small zine. You can grab a copy in the Trash Shop. I hope that it will take you to a higher conscience level.

If not, at least you can reuse the phrases as meaningless statements on your next hipster t-shirt.  



Smartphone Wisdom is a self-produced zine, printed  in the copy shop around the corner and bound at home. It has the same aspect ratio and size (16:9, 14.8 x 8.4 cm) as the screen of my smartphone.