Personal identity system

In order to have an unified and easily recognizable branding in both digital and real world, I redesigned my personal identity system.

The new branding is kept simple in concept and in color selection. The central element of the new identity system is the Pixel Tracker logo, which has become my personal mascot during the last years. The color palette consists of black, white and magenta. The font of the letters beside the logo and of all titles is Raleway, which excels in large and bold letters. The main text font, on the other hand, is Roboto, which has a much better display visibility for regular weighted letters.

The business cards are made of kraft paper, which gives them a rather handmade look, and, hence provides a more personal touch. A stamp with the Pixel Tracker logo complements the handmade character and is used to sign, e.g., letter paper and envelopes.