Trash Shop FAQ

Welcome to the Trash Shop FAQ. If you don't find the right answer, feel free to ask me.

Where do you deliver?

To any country in the world.

Which shipping company do you use?

All orders below 500 g/1.10 lb (= e.g. 15 greeting cards) are shipped with the German postal service/Deutsche Post, which is a partner of DHL. This way, I can keep the transport costs as low as possible. Orders exceeding 500 g /1.10 lb (e.g. more than 15 greeting cards, books) are shipped with DHL National (only for Germany) or DHL International (rest of the world).

How long does the shipping take and which shipping methods do you offer?

You can choose between standard and express shipping method. The shipping time depends on your chosen shipping method and your country region:

  • with the standard shipping method it takes 1-2 days in Germany, 2-4 days in Europe, 3-7 days to North America and 7-14 days to the rest of the world (these are just averages).
  • with the express shipping method it takes 1 day in Germany. For all other countries the shipping time reduces significantly depending on your country region. I cannot promise your order will arrive by a certain date because sometimes packets are held up at customs.

Please find out if your country imposes additional charges or customs tariffs on your order. I do not take responsibility for any additional charge.

Can I track my order?

In order to keep the transport costs as low as possible, I ship all orders below 500 g/1.10 lb (= e.g. 15 greeting cards) with the German postal service/Deutsche Post. They offer national and international service. Unfortunately, they do not offer tracking service for this standard shipping method. All express shipping methods have tracking service.

How fast will my order ship and what are your business hours?

Between Monday-Friday (except on holidays) I usually prepare your package within one day after receiving your order.

What payment methods do you offer?

These cards are accepted:

  • PayPal
  • Visa (credit and debit cards)
  • MasterCard (credit and debit cards)
  • American Express
  • Discover (US merchants only)

What is your return policy?

We are all humans and mistakes can happen at any time. Therefore, if you receive the wrong item or your received package is damaged or lost, you can get an exchange or refund. In that cases:

  1. Please contact me and describe me what happened.
  2. Please attach a photo of the damaged or wrong item.
  3. Please let me also know if you want an exchange or a refund.

After receiving your email, I'll check your request as soon as possible. After successful verification of your request I will ask you to send back the damaged or wrong item. Note, that

I will cover the costs of the re-shipping,

  • if your order arrived damaged,
  • if you received the wrong item,

I ask you to cover the cost of re-shipping,

  • if you want a replacement for reasons other than damage or loss within 14 days after receiving your package
  • if your shipping address provided at the checkout was incorrect and your package comes back to me
  • if you were unable to collect your package at customs for any reason

Re-shipping costs have to cover the shipping of the wrong/damaged item back to me and, if requested, the shipping of the exchanged item. I will execute the exchange or refund after receiving the item in its original condition.

I don't like what I received. Can I send it back to you and get my money back?

The Trash Shop offers self-produced trash. It is intentionally kitschy. If you are not satisfied with one of my "creations", you have the possibility to send it back to me within 14 days after receiving your package. In cases, which are not covered by the return policy above you have to cover the cost of the re-shipping. After receiving the item(s) in its original condition, I will execute the refund.

What is the maximum length of names on customizable greeting cards?

The maximum length for names on a customizable greeting card is 12 characters. For example, the name "Anna-Beatrix-Maria" is too long. If the desired names are too long, use nicknames instead.

I want to order 100 greeting cards.

The MINIDISKO project is a poor-one-man-show. Therefore, I don't have a large stock. If you want to order a lot of greeting cards, please contact me directly. Order at least 2 weeks (= time for printing new cards) in advance.

A greeting card is no longer in stock.

When an item is no no longer in stock, I reorder it as soon as possible. Please note, that it usually takes 2 weeks for printing new cards.

I have a promotion-code. What to do?

From time to time I will offer promotion-codes for special occasions. If you have a valid code for an active promotion-campaign, you can redeem the code at the end of the check-out process.

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