EURO 2016 was boring!

June/July 2016

Ongoing documentation of impressions during the UEFA Euro 2016.


The 1st match of Germany. Btw., now everyone seems to call the German team "Vive la Mannschaft" ... I don't know why: 

The match was on June 12, the same day of the Orlando massacre. Due to the coincidence with the soccer tournament in France, the worst terrorist attack on the LGTB community was worth only a small contribution on German television during the halftime of the match:


Second German match..still boring...celebrating it with non-alcoholic beer:


The EURO 2016 fridge:


Going out during a UEFA European Championship:


Hysterical-abrupt makover of the street scene:


The EURO 2016 fridge at the 3rd match of Germany:


The anti-soccer Mario Kart afternoon:


Interior design invasion:


Winner cup:


Soccer! Soccer! Soccer!


Watching the match Germany vs. Italy in a pub full of Germans - in the Netherlands!


The semi-final fridge: Germany vs. France (Germany lost):