March 2015


Butzweiler Hof

A few weeks ago I discovered a new playground: the old airport Butzweilerhof. For years, the area was surrounded by a construction fence and difficult to access - but now the fences are completely removed and you can access the area.


History of the airport

History timeline of the airport recorded on the obelisk in front of the back entrance

Butzweilerhof was the first civilian airport of Cologne. The airport was built in 1912-1913, initially for the Imperial German Flying Corps. After World War I it was used by the  Royal Air Force, but was later returned to the city of Cologne, so that in 1926 the airport was re-opened for the civil air transport. In 1936, the airport was expanded, and the imposing, 250m long reception building was built. From 1939, with the beginning of World War II, the airport was used for military purposes again. After the war the airport was used for both, civil and military aviation, but in 1957 it lost its role as a civilian airport after the new Cologne/Bonn Airport (Flughafen Köln/Bonn , CGN,) started its service. Also the military use ended in 1995 and the airport was closed. Today, the entire region around the airport is known as the business park Am Butzweilerhof.*

While the terminal and hangar are preserved as historical monuments, large parts of the runway are removed or are in decline - a great playground for a bunch of different photography adventures! 


Trip to a witness of a past time

Check out some shots I took during two visits to the airport. I've separated the shots of the interior of the hangar (see below). I have processed some images as an HDR in order to highlight the setting sun therein; these images are part of the Urban Exploration project.


The Hangar


* The content of the history-section is based on the Wikipedia article Flughafen Köln-Butzweilerhof.