I welcome all visitors

It is done! The first post on my new website. FABRIZIOMUSACCHIO.com is officially online now. I welcome all visitors.

Roadway Stories - Photography by Fabrizio Musacchio

Roadway Stories is the title of this website and it is the main theme for the photos I take.This website is about my personal photography and it's all about travel photography. I could put my photos also into HDR or architecture photography. But travel photography fits best: When I'm out in my city Cologne or travel around the world I always have my camera with me. My shots are snapshot of moments without much preparation or manipulation. When I see something interesting, I try to capture the moment with my camera and I hope that the photo will tell the story I had in mind. I want to take you with me on a little journey, showing you the world through my lens. I hope it will be an exciting journey for you and me. 

I will present travel reports in the form of photo albums. In this blog I'm going to report on the latest photos, trips and stories. 

I will be still posting on Google+ and I try to keep my postings there and on this blog synchronous. So you can decide whether you follow me on the blog or on Google+ or on 500px. But one thing I can already predict, is that on this website and in this blog my photo stories will be more complete and extensive than on Google+. The reason for this is that I attach just one photo per post on Google+. Here on the website I have more room for the whole story, and I intend to make use of it. 

You can write me in this blog or on Google+, I am open to any kind of criticism and comments. I hope we will have great fun together.