The station of Vohwinkel

There is a new contribution to my little project Subway StudiesIn winter 2014 I've visited the station of Wuppertal-Vohwinkel. I have a personal connection to this station and I've always wanted to visit it with my camera once again. Early 2014 I had the possibility to take some pictures during a transit. 

When I was in training years ago, I had to use this station every morning in order to change trains. Often the trains were not on time and I always had to wait a long time. Today, I have nostalgic feelings for this station. It is in a very bad state, but you can still see its former glory which came from the time, when the city of Wuppertal still prospered. But when I had to use it at that time, I had less nostalgic feelings left for this station: No kiosk and nothing to warm up in the winter it was a boring and depressing time. Remarkable how impressions and feelings change with time.

In the hall of the station of Wuppertal-Vohwinkel

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