Technology: The Radio Telescope in Effelsberg


The radio telescope in Effelsberg  with an aperture of 100 m is the second-largest radio telescope in the world. It was built between 1968-1971 and it was at that time the largest radio telescope in the world. It explores space by measuring radio waves (wavelengths between 90 cm and 3.5 mm).

Aside from its scientific importance, the telescope is a stunning piece of technology. Its delicate design and precise alignments make it a masterpiece in terms of architecture. In the last week I had the opportunity to visit it. The size of the mirror in combination with the – relative to the big mirror – thin  connecting struts provide a breathtaking image. I would describe it as a Technology-Gothic, but I’m no architecture expert.

I took a series of pictures with my smartphone (Galaxy S3) last winter. You can find the full album here