EURO 2016 was boring! (2nd edition)

Remember the zine I've published last year? It was my 1st photo ever and it documents the daily boredom during a commercialized and over-saturated European soccer championship in the summer of 2016. Last year, I’ve handcrafted 10 copies, which were sold out by the end of 2016. I ordered new copies for the subsequent 2nd edition. Finally, they arrived this week:

This time, I have commissioned a printing company. The benefits are an improved print quality and - more importantly - I can offer the zine at a much cheaper price in the Trash Shop. Of course, there is also a drawback: Because of the limited printing capabilities of the printing company I had to make some changes to the new version (e.g., there is no foldable photo anymore). Nevertheless, substantially the zine hasn't changed (still 36 pages with 38 photographs, the same concept as in the 1st edition). 

EURO 2016 was boring (2nd Ed.)

The new copies are now available for sale. You can see some previews here.