Parallelism - The Story behind the image

Last week I took a walk through the forest next to us to enjoy the fresh air of the approaching fall. I was looking for motives that could express the first signs of autumn. Then I came across this tree. Halfway collapsed, the tree still stretches majestically above a small creek, demonstrating his amazing talent for ingenious statics without losing his delicate curves. Together with the reflections on the water this was a marvelous scene to be photographed.


Parallelism - 1st version

Back at home, looking at the first version of the picture I got the idea to play a little with the reflections. First I wanted to turn it around by 180°. It would fit well in my last fall series "Take a look behind" (You can see it on Google+). Then I put a non-rotated version of the image next to it and suddenly I got the idea to put the whole image into Photoshop and to put the rotated image next to its mirrored version. And so I came finally to the image "Parallelism". Now it scares me a bit, because it looks almost as if you could fall into it, like a gateway to a world alien to us.