MINIDISKO Trash Shop is there!

A new PIXEL TRACKER project is out: MINIDISKO! 

The MINIDISKO project is a collection of self-produced trash. It has its own touristic "souvenir-shop“, the MINIDISKO trash shop, where you can discover and collect all that DIY-trash! After starting to collect kitschy stuff from all around the world (see It can't be trash!), I decided to produce my own trash. Instead of collecting and making fun of stuff of others, I produce my own trash, making others laugh. 

The first content are kitschy greeting cards with a sarcastic touch. Take a look and perhaps you find something to make friends or your family happy. 

I can't pretend that the MINIDISKO trash shop won't have any bugs or errors at the beginning. Therefore, don't be too angry with me, if things don’t work smoothly. Just contact me and I'll fix any issue as soon as possible. Thank you in advance!

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Enjoy! ...and don’t take too seriously.