M.C. Escher exhibition at Max-Ernst Museum in Brühl

This weekend we visited the M.C. Escher exhibition at Max-Ernst Museum in Brühl. It's worth going, a lot of crazy stuff to explore! His work is funny and exciting at the same time since his paintings clearly follow mathematical concepts, but always end up showing something, that can't be real:

"I can’t keep from fooling around with our irrefutable certainties. It is, for example, a pleasure knowingly to mix up two and three dimensionalities, flat and spatial, and to make fun of gravity.".

- M.C. Escher

I bought a paperweight, which shows one of his images containing fractals. It totally hypnotizes me:

One special feature of the exhibition are VR headsets, which I tried for the first time. It was quite insane, walking and flying through a world without borders! It seems like everything, what you could ever imagine, can become true:

Every visit to a museum ends up with a stop at the museum shop. And the shop of the Max-Ernst Museum has a lot of freaky stuff (e.g., crazy paperweighst ;-)). Besides that, I really recommend the exhibition catalog: It contains almost all exhibited works by M.C Escher and is packed full of information about the exhibits and Escher's career. And: It's a pretty piece of graphic design, too! 

M.C. Escher exhibition catalog, by Max-Ernst Museum, Brühl, and only available there

UPDATE: The exhibition runs from 21. February to 22. May, 2016.