It can’t be trash!

If we think, that a man-made product does not look so pretty, can we really say that it is ugly?

Cover of the new project It can’t be trash.

Before we start to think so, let's think about the following: You are a creator (or a designer or a craftsman or generally a stuff-maker) and you think about a new product. You start to create it. And in the end, you expect that your result will satisfy your highest aesthetic demands. If your work fails, you would throw it into the bin rather than showing it to someone else. But if you think that your result is pretty enough, you will show it to other people. And if you are running a business, you will try to make some money with it. 

Of course, there are black sheep among us, who try to sell us trash that they would never put on their home mantelpiece. But even such products are created by someone with a soul and sense of honor.

Anyway, in the end at least one person remains, who may have thought, that his or her work was good enough to be presented to the world. Calling a typical souvenir or any other touristic stuff kitschy only means, that we haven't yet found its hidden beauty.

Therefore, I have started a new project called It can’t be trash. The aim of the project is the revelation of the hidden aesthetics in all of this misunderstood trash