The overdue end of a project

It’s done: the two-year project GRADIENT is completed with today's last post. Okay, the post is a "little" overdue and should have been published by the end of March. But I didn't had the time to write the right words for this last post, until today.

The project started in April 2016 as an expression of controlled boredom and as a statement against black and white thinking on social media. 24 gradient color panels, each consisting of 20 segments with gradually changing colors, have been published until today. They created a colorful, meaningless time wall on various social media accounts, which have been especially created for the project.

Does the project have any deeper meaning? No. Did the project want to change something? No. It just ran in an endless loop for two years while wars were proclaimed or have been continued, while people were harming other people, while one selfie record after another was reached, while one disaster after another has happened. Today, the world is a different one than two years ago. But did even one social media post influence any of that? No! No contribution of this project, and probably no post from your own social media activity. This revelation might be the only meaning - if any - of this project. And it might bring us to rethink our own "prominence" on social media.