Geisterzug 2017

As I mentioned earlier this week, the carnival season is finally over. Here are some pictures of the Geisterzug parade from last Saturday, which took place in the Südstadt this year:

The parade was very full this time. And I mean really full! It was rather a gathering of people stuck on the streets than a forward-moving parade. Maybe it was because it was unusually warm and clear that night. Or the Geisterzug has lost its underdog-top-secret-status and has finally turned into just another tourist magnet. Alaaf! Let's see what the future holds. Even though you can't compare the Geisterzug to the ordinary carnival folklore in Cologne, this was enough carnival for us this year.

This is Lilly, my costume for the Geisterzug parade. She is now falling back into a long sleep until next year. Bye Lilly, sleep well.

On Monday, we decided to leave the city in order to escape the Rose Monday parade. We took the train and visited our family. We did some "sightseeing" in Remagen to finally overcome the carnival kitsch.

If this wasn't enough carnival for you yet, have a look at my shots from last year.

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