Facebook Page Un-Shut Down

Mhmm ... actually, I wanted to close my Facebook Site (a fan page for this blog/website) in January 2014 (Facebook Page Shutdown, 23th January 2014). This was one year ago. For any reason it didn't work. This week I logged into the site and noticed, that it was still there. Blessing in disguise! This week Google announced, that it will split Google+ into parts: Google wants to separate Photo and Hangouts from the Google+ Streams. At the moment no one can guess, how Google+ will develop after that - but I'm afraid that the social network will loose its importance, especially in the photo-community.

Therefore, I will expand the social media activity for this blog on Facebook - just in case. You will find the page under the new address facebook.com/PixelTrack3r

I hope you like it and I am looking forward to get in contact with you there.