New Gallery: Cologne - City In The Clouds

A new album is out:  Cologne - City In The Clouds. Some architectural views of Cologne Shown are shown in a specific perspective: "Put your head back and take a look up in the sky!"

Some people say that Cologne is a little bit dirty. In fact, if you look at the pavement and public places, you could think like that. But isn't that the problem of every big town? To escape such impressions, you should go through Cologne with the look to the sky. You will find genuine palaces up there. A city in the clouds, detached from its anchor at the base, invites one to let thoughts wander between its roofs and facades. But you don't have to twist your head now, I've done that for you already. Just check out the album.

Many photos are taken at the Rheinauhafen, the brand new district settled directly by the riverside of the Rhine. Read more about it in the image-descriptions of the album. 


Cologne - City In The Clouds