Photo Documentation Butzweilerhof

During two visits in March 2015 I have collected enough shots, to make a little photo-documentation about the old airport of Cologne. The airport has long been out of service and the surroundings are in decline - perfect conditions for exploring a new playground!

Flughafen Butzweiler Hof, Köln (2015)

Butzweilerhof is the main documentation. Additionally I processed some of the shots as an HDR, which I added to the Urban Exploration project. 

Photo-Documentation about  Butzweilerhof , Cologne's first civil airport (built in 1912)

Photo-Documentation about Butzweilerhof, Cologne's first civil airport (built in 1912)

Industrial Sunset (⟶  Urban Exploration )

Industrial Sunset (⟶ Urban Exploration)