Building New Universes: Dot Race

What do you do in a delirium when you're sick? You build new universes! A little fun with water, oil and lighting. More to follow. In the end I will publish the whole series on my website.

Building New Universes: Dot Race

A little bit about the photo

First: Yes, it's a photo! There is no photoshop manipulation. And it is not the result of a animation software. I started with a glass, filled it with water and some oil. Of course, on the first try it was too much oil. And you should not vigorously stir the broth. On the second try .... or it was possibly the sixth, I finally found the right mixture and method to form oil bubbles in the water. Great! But then it got really challenging: Finding the right setting and light sources for the desired lighting, mood and arrangement of the bubbles in the composition. It took several shots and nearly one hour to get the first images I wanted to have. But then it was a great fun to create new universes

Main light source was incoming sunlight and a second lamp shined on colored paper under the glas. Later I added a third light source: the lamp above our dining table. That was almost a coincidence. It created these circular spots on the oil bubbles generating a greater three-dimensional effect. 

One tip at the end: Always carry a towel within easy reach to keep your camera and equipment free of any oily influences.


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