1st anniversary & website in a new look

At the end of September 2014 this site reaches its first anniversary! So far, it makes a lot of fun to broadcast my photographic stories and I hope you follow this blog also with pleasure. Nonetheless, I am always open to any criticism and suggestions for improvement. Just comment on this blog or send me an email or contact me via one of my social network accounts.

To mark the occasion: The website now shines in a new look! The maintenance from last weekend are completed and I have revamped the look of the website.


A few details about the new features

I changed the main menu from vertical to horizontal arrangement. Also new, the welcome-page showcases a handful of my pictures, the latest blog entries as well as the latest story, so you immediately get the most important information at a glance.

New Welcome-Page.

The new design still follows the demand for minimalism. I hope that you will find yourself home immediately without thinking much about what or where to click. 

Tidy magazine style the photography section.

As I said in the beginning, please send me your suggestions and criticisms, and I try to make this website even more user-friendly.